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Registering a company in Hualing FIZ (Georgia)

Registering a company in Hualing FIZ (Georgia)
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If you are looking for a promising investment project or you want to start a business from scratch, then registering a company in Hualing FIZ, as well as opening a Georgian bank account, can be a good decision.

Free Zone Hualing is one of the largest as well as rapidly developing special economic zones of the Republic of Georgia.

The Hualing FIZ occupies part of the territory of Kutaisi (the 2nd largest city of the Republic), and belongs to the company of the same name (Hualing Group).

Despite the relatively short period of existence (officially, since 2015), this FIZ has managed to become an important commercial and industrial center connecting the Black and Caspian Seas.

Those, who are planning to open a Hualing FIZ company remotely and obtain a trade license in Georgia, we propose to consider the following:

  • The FIZ of Hualing borders on such cities as: Tskhaltubo, Vani, Khoni, Tkibuli and others;
  • FIZ territory: 360 thousand m². Closeness to Kutaisi airport (19 kilometers), Poti seaport (95 kilometers), as well as the highway leading to Tbilisi (210 kilometers);
  • There is a possibility to carry out free trade operations with the CIS countries, the EFTA and the European Union, as well as Japan, Turkey, the USA and Canada.

For more information, you can ask for individual advice on company registration process in Hualing FIZ and obtaining a business license in Georgia from YB Case experts. Also, we can provide you with legal assistance in opening a corporate account with a Bank of Georgia or Liberty Bank.

Key business advantages

Many foreign businessmen, who are attracted by the favorable business environment of this zone, seek to open a company in the FIZ of Georgia:

  • Modern infrastructure and high level of service;
  • Inexpensive lease of land, as well as rental of accommodation, warehouse, and industrial premises;
  • Low cost and simple system of business license regulation;
  • Availability of skilled workforce;
  • A wide range of FIZ licenses for various business purposes: IT-technologies, ICO, financial and brokerage services (obtaining a Forex license in Georgia);
  • Reliable power supply (affordable electricity tariffs);
  • Reduced cost of utilities and household services;
  • Relatively simple conditions for obtaining a local Certificate of Origin;
  • Availability of infrastructure management services.

Those, who want to set up a company in Hualing FIZ, we recommend paying attention to the software development, wood industry, stone industry, chemical and light industries, furniture production, as well as metallurgy.

Main features of Hualing FIZ

If you are intended to register a company in the FIZ of Georgia, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following list of business advantages of this zone:

  • Quick access to European and Asian markets (Caucasus, Central Asia, EU countries);
  • Access to an almost 900 millionth consumer base;
  • Low logistics costs due to the presence of the airport, seaport, as well as road and rail connections with countries in Europe, the CIS and the Caucasus;
  • The presence of many profitable investment programs;
  • Loyal tariffication;
  • The absence of a currency control, a ban on trade, as well as restrictions on export and import operations.

To learn more, you can request for personal advice on business organization procedure in Georgian FIZ and opening an account for a company in Hualing FIZ from YB Case lawyers.

Registration process

If you want to register a company in the FIZ of Hualing remotely, then please take a closer look at the following:

  • You can register a free zone company with 100% foreign capital (FZE);
  • There are no restrictions on the founder’s residency status or form of ownership (individuals and legal entities are allowed);
  • Simple conditions for obtaining a business license and opening a Georgian company bank account;
  • There are no requirements for initial investment and share capital, as well as audit;
  • Fast and easy registration of a legal address in the free zone;
  • Affordable license fee.

Tax rates

If you are interested in setting up Hualing FIZ company and opening a business account in Georgia, then you will be exempt from the following taxes:

  • Corporate tax;
  • VAT and refundable VAT;
  • Personal income tax;
  • Interest payments/dividends/ royalty;
  • Real estate tax.

If you are planning to open a company in Georgian FIZ, you should know that the implementation of trade operations, as well as the provision of services outside the FIZ of Hualing to national companies is taxed at the rate of 4%.

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Price list

If you are intended to register a Hualing FIZ company, please take into account that:

  • The price of starting a business in free zone: 2 200 EUR;
  • The license fee: 5 thousand EUR;
  • The license renewal cost: 3 thousand EUR (annually);
  • The price of legal support services in opening an account with a Georgian bank (TBC Bank, JSC Terabank, etc.): 950 EUR.

How to open your own business in Hualing FIZ

You can ask for qualified advice on legal office registration in Georgia or opening an account for a Georgian company from YB Case specialists. Also, we can provide you with legal assistance in obtaining a license in the FIZ of Hualing.

Terms of a company registration: from 24 hours. Terms of an account opening: up to 5 days.

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