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Registering a company in Tbilisi FIZ (Georgia)

Tbilisi FIZ (Georgia)
Starting a business in Georgia
offers exciting prospects for foreign investors, particularly for those looking to expand FinTech enterprises and launch startups. A highly sought-after avenue for growth is establishing a company within the free industrial zone (FIZ) in Tbilisi.

Situated near the heart of the capital, this innovation zone's key draws for both corporate entities and individual entrepreneurs are its tax-free environment and the promise of low initial and ongoing expenses. This article delves into the intricacies of registering a business within the Tbilisi Free Zone and effectively managing operations in this innovative business cluster.

FIZ Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi's strategic location, historical significance, and role as a major transit hub for diverse projects make it the economic nucleus of Georgia, contributing to nearly half of the country's GDP. The city's liberal economic policies, combined with a well-developed transport infrastructure, amplify its allure.

FIZ Tbilisi holds a strategic edge for several pivotal reasons:

  • its proximity to major markets, including those in the Caucasus region, facilitates access to these vital trade zones;
  • conveniently situated near Tbilisi International Airport and key transport routes linking Georgia with neighboring countries, it opens doors to foreign partners and associates.

This designated area, also known as the Tbilisi Technology Park, offers an array of tax and operational advantages. It primarily aims to invigorate economic growth in Georgia and promote technological advancement, providing fertile ground for industrial enterprises. Registering a company in the Tbilisi free industrial zone unlocks a plethora of opportunities, particularly for export-oriented ventures seeking international expansion.

The Georgian Agency for the Development of Free Industrial Zones (ASDFZ) assumes responsibility for the operational and regulatory oversight of the Tbilisi free industrial zone. It authorizes several licenses to facilitate diverse business activities within the zone, encompassing consulting services, production, and trade. The Tbilisi free zone accommodates a range of business structures, including LLCs, LPs or GPs, JSCs, and branches of foreign corporations.

Why investors are drawn to Georgia for company registration

Georgia's strategic position at the crossroads of Europe and Asia positions it as a pivotal transit hub. The country is a party to numerous free trade agreements and has established bilateral foreign direct investment agreements. Furthermore, Georgia ranks among the world's top ten countries for ease of doing business.

Forecasts indicate steady economic growth, with a projected 5% increase until 2024. The nation's unwavering stance against corruption, commitment to free-market principles, and escalating production levels have lured investors, resulting in a threefold surge in business activity.

The Georgian government's robust endeavors to entice foreign investment revolve around extensive reforms, including the introduction of a digital registration system, streamlining import and export licensing processes, and administrative enhancements in business management. These initiatives have fostered a conducive investment environment, catapulting Georgia into a leadership position globally for lucrative long-term investments.

Advantages of the Tbilisi free industrial zone

The Tbilisi free zone offers access to a wealth of incentives and benefits, positioning it as an alluring hub for businesses seeking to flourish in Georgia's dynamic economic landscape.

Tax benefits

Operational advantages

Other benefits

Corporate income tax (CIT) exemption

Well-developed transport and infrastructure

Low cost of living

Tax-free treatment for interest and dividends

Access to robust energy infrastructure

No reverse-charge VAT (RC VAT)

Affordable rental expenses

Zero-rated VAT on exports

Eligibility for a national certificate of origin

Zero property tax

Access to a skilled workforce

A 4% tax on trade

Support for multi-currency transactions

Additionally, the Tbilisi Technology Park streamlines the process of registering a company, thanks to staunch support from the Georgian government and the absence of bureaucratic hurdles. As a rule, registration applications for companies in FIZ Tbilisi are expediently processed, allowing entrepreneurs to channel their resources and time towards strategic business growth rather than navigating intricate administrative procedures.

Registration of a company in FIZ Tbilisi, Georgia: legal aspects

Establishing a company in FIZ Tbilisi represents an opportunity to start operations in a well-developed industrial center. The Tbilisi FIZ territory includes 28 separate plots available for individual or collective rent for up to 50 years.

It is noteworthy that company registration in the Georgian FIZ often does not require a minimum deposit capital, which makes it a flexible choice for foreign investors and important for remote company registration in the Georgian FIZ. In addition, the FIZ allows 100% foreign ownership of businesses within its jurisdiction. The zone's key areas of expertise include technology (including startups and blockchain projects), international trade, logistics, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

To register a business in FIZ, businesses must follow standard registration procedures and provide the required documentation. We have provided the basic nomenclature in the table below.

Essential documents for registering a company in the free zones of Georgia

For legal entities

For individuals

A copy of the charter of the foreign organization.

A copy of the founder's passport.

The decision of a foreign legal entity to establish a company in Tbilisi.

The decision to establish a company in the FIZ in Georgia.

Written consent of the individual applying for the position of company director in the free zones.

Written consent of the person who will be appointed to the position of free zone company director.

A copy of the document that identifies the director.

A copy of the document identifying the director of the free zone company.

Articles of Association of a Company Registered in the FIZ.

Articles of Association of a Company Registered in the FIZ.

Scanned copy of the founder's passport.

Important Note:
Documents obtained outside the Republic of Georgia must undergo legalization or certification with an apostille to be considered valid for the registration process. Professional support in registering a company in the FIZ of Georgia is crucial.

Opening an account at a Georgian bank and licensing

To fully start a business in a free zone, you need to open an account at a Georgian bank and obtain a business license. Licensing costs will vary depending on the area selected. You can open an account for a Georgian company at any of the banks recommended by the government, but it is the Bank of Georgia that has the widest branch network in the country.

Available corporate forms for registration in Georgia

Corporate form



Common choice for foreign investors, offering flexibility in management.

An LLC is a tax resident of Georgia when registered in a free zone.


Allows foreign investors to jointly manage a business and share profits and losses.

General partners have unlimited liability for company debts, while limited partners have no liability but limited management rights.


Divides capital into shares, determining management rights.

No minimum capital requirements; one shareholder is sufficient.


Foreign companies can open a branch in the free industrial zone of Tbilisi, conducting activities not prohibited by Georgian law. Specific document requirements apply.

Registration of a company in a free zone in Georgia: a swift process

Registering a company in a free zone in Georgia can be done relatively quickly. Typically, application processing time ranges from 1 to 3 days, and the entire registration process takes only a few business days. However, the exact duration may vary depending on individual circumstances. For maximum confidence that all legal details will be carefully resolved, especially if you plan to register a company in FIZ Tbilisi remotely, it is advisable to seek expert support.

Conclusion: seizing opportunities in Tbilisi in 2024

Registering a business in Tbilisi in 2024 opens up many opportunities for entrepreneurs. With a simplified registration process, significant tax incentives, a strategic geographic location, and well-developed infrastructure, FIZ Tbilisi represents a promising environment for attracting investment and supporting manufacturing companies. Establishing an international business in this innovation zone helps attract new customers, increase competitiveness, and achieve significant financial growth.

YB Case specialists strive to provide a personalized, comprehensive approach, effectively minimizing unnecessary financial and time costs.

Frequently asked questions: solving key issues

Can a resident of another country register a company in Tbilisi?

Of course, registering and running a business in Georgia and Tbilisi is available to individuals regardless of their place of residence. There are no restrictions on the location of the founder or director of the company.

What types of enterprises can a non-resident open in Tbilisi?

Foreign investors can establish a company in the Tbilisi free zone under several corporate structures, including an LLC, JSC, partnership, or branch.

What tax aspects should I consider before registering a company in FIZ Tbilisi?

There are four main tax categories to consider:

  • Corporate income tax: 0%
  • VAT: 0% for organizations carrying out trading activities in the zone; if a company registered in Tbilisi offers services throughout Georgia, a VAT rate of 4% is applied.
  • Property tax: 0%
  • Tax on dividends: 0%
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