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Company registration in California

California (USA)

To register a company in the USA is an interesting business for an entrepreneur. The United States of America is Switzerland and Belize in one person: prestige and freedom from taxes. USA has several popular offshore companies: Delaware, Oregon, Wyoming, California and Nevada.

Like all states of America, the establishing a company in California is in favor of the entrepreneur and his project. The state does not have such a thing as “blue prints,” since all business is conducted exclusively in the electronic form. This is a simplification of the workflow. After opening a firm in California, an entrepreneur can immediately begin a planned activity.

The number of secretaries, directors and shareholders included in the company is not limited. The director is at least one and can be an individual or a legal person.

Company registration in California is available in forms, such as a General Partnership, LLP, and LP. Each form has an obligation to pay a state fee annually. Full partnerships pay a fee, the amount of which depends on the income level of the entrepreneur, which is a part of the company. The remaining forms have a fixed fee amount.

California’s taxation:

  • A travel tax is 9,3%;
  • A corporate income tax is 8,84%;
  • A sales tax is 7,25%;

Features of California LLC

  • the electronic workflow without standard stamps;
  • the staff may consist of non-residents;
  • for non-residents annual contributions are required (taxes for residents);
  • Mandatory: to obtain American licenses for an accountant, a lawyer, and the architect;
  • Mandatory: to open an account with California banks;

Documents for registering a company in California:

  • A standard package of documents for the company;
  • A Power of Attorney Resolution;
  • An apostilled Power of Attorney;
  • A description of the enterprise;

A cost and a term

A registered office


Min number of beneficiaries


A form of a company


The period from the date of filing

14 days

A price

from 1199 EUR

For complete information on registering a company in California, we recommend you ordering legal advice on starting a business in the United States. Contact us in a way convenient for you, using the contacts on the site

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