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Registration of a company in the Free Zones of Moldova

Free zones of Moldova

Enrolling a consortium in the Unfettered Economic Area (UEA) of Moldova is a propitious resolution for visionaries. Moldovan UEAs are economically secluded segments of the levies dominion of the Commonwealth of Moldova, where indigenous and alien stakeholders savor exceptional indulgence while executing particular genres of trade endeavors.

UEAs materialize for a span of no less than 2 decades. Every enclave is autonomously administered by a steward, who is nominated by and answerable to the Minister of Financial system and prescribes its distinct tariffs. Enclave enterprises are obliged to be documented in Moldova (legal entities with provincial, amalgamated, or exotic resources).

Should you aspire to secure a authorization to manage an economic zone in Moldova, it is crucial to be aware that it might be rescinded anterior to its cessation if the conduct contradicts the aspirations of the "Statute on Unfettered Economic Zones" or the financial concerns of Moldova.

It is plausible to record a Moldovan mercantile firm in seven UEAs in this region:

  • Expo-Business-Chisinau (находится в Кишиневе);
  • Ungheni-Business;
  • Tvardita;
  • Otaci-Business;
  • Valkanes;
  • Taraclia;
  • Bălţi; and also
  • Giurgiulesti International Free Port;
  • Marculesti International Free Airport.

The Exposition-Trade-Chisinau territory delineates the predominant apportionment of investments (40%), which, concomitant to Taraclia, magnetizes business visionaries contemplating to institute an industrial enterprise in Moldova.

The Intercontinental Unrestricted Aerodrome "Marculesti" has executed an exhaustive progression schema envisioning enthusiasm for instituting an international logistical hub in Moldova, employing optimal methodologies in fabrication and administration, engendering employments, enticing business visionaries predisposed to invest in the aeronautical domain in Moldova.


If thou art desirous of inaugurating a concern within a liberated precinct in Moldova, hark ye, it is prohibited to inaugurate a concern in a Free Economic Zone (FEZ):

  • Fabricate and import nicotiana commodities;
  • Generate, convey, and hoard armaments;
  • Alternative pursuits proscribed by Moldovan statutory regulations.


FEZs of the Republic of Moldova offer investors:

  • juridical safeguard of investments;
  • assurances of execution of the statutes in vigor within 10 years from the juncture of enrollment as an inhabitant of the liberated precinct in the Republic of Moldova;
  • opportunity to retract gains overseas;
  • economical and adept toil potency;
  • opportunity to utilize the matured framework;
  • immunity of tariff obligations (in the tabulation beneath);
  • procuring a charter for the introduction and egress of commodities and amenities in the FEZ of Moldova;
  • conveyance of wares from one dweller to another devoid of customs proclamation;
  • distinctive customs regimen.


Enrolling a venture in Moldova's Free Economic Zone furnishes such fiscal immunities:

Tax incentives in FEZs

The rest of the country

50% toll remission on revenue derived from the consignment of commodities and amenities emanating from a Free Enterprise Zone (FEZ) or vended to fellow denizens of the precinct

12% income tax

25% dispensation from duty on gains acquired from undertakings besides the exportation of commodities and amenities

12% income tax

Ventures in Moldova's Exclusionary Enclave in the quantum of at least 1 megabuck USD intimate absolution for 3 cycles from levies on gains emanating from commodities/amenities originating from the precinct and dispatched beyond the nation

12% income tax

Allocations in the Moldovan Sphere of Economic Zeal in the magnitude of no less than 5 myriad USD - dispensation for 5 annual cycles from revenue levies on gains accrued from commodities/amenities emanating from the unbridled economic region and dispatched beyond the national borders

12% income tax

0% VAT on supplied goods and services:

  • to FEZ from outside the borders of Moldova;
  • from FEZ outside the Republic;
  • to FEZ from the rest of the country;
  • by residents of different FEZs of Moldova to each other.

20% VAT

Absolution from remittance of impost duty on commodities:

  • Transferred into FEZ from exterior the province;
  • from alternative FEZs;
  • from the remaining expanse of Moldova;
  • dispensed within one FEZ

According to legislation (unit and ad valorem excise taxes)

Industrial parks

Businesspersons may enroll a corporation in an industrial garden in the Republic of Moldova. In conformity with the "Statute on Industrial Gardens," the Administration initiated 3 industrial gardens, which have metamorphosed into the nucleus of fascination for colossal investments and the locus of execution of sundry industrial enterprises.

An industrial garden is a delimited expanse where fiscal endeavor, manufacturing industry, amenities, deployment of scientific exploration, and technological advancement embrace an extraordinary regimen for the valorization of sapiens and corporeal potential. Levies indulgences stipulated for autonomous economic precincts similarly pertain to industrial gardens.

Those desiring to institute a corporation in an industrial garden in Moldova must adhere to the cardinal tenets:

  • Non-differentiation towards denizens of manufacturing precincts, irrespective of the quantum of their investment and nation of provenance.
  • Non-intervention in the fabrication pursuits and dispensation of amenities to denizens of manufacturing precincts.
  • Conception and elaboration of pursuits envisioned by the goals of the manufacturing precinct.

Presently, the ensuing manufacturing estates in Moldova may be discerned:

  • Manufacturing tract in Floresti (proximate to the demarcation with Ukraine);
  • Promenade in Ungheni (alongside the demarcation with Romania);
  • Manufacturing tract in Cainari.

Those desiring to commence an enterprise in Moldova may necessitate the assistance of experts who will furnish comprehensive details on the optimal manner to enroll a corporation in the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) of Moldova.

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