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Registration of a company in the Free Trade Union "Expo-Business-Chisinau"

Free Trade Union

Free Enterprise Zone (FEZ) is an area for registering a Moldovan export-oriented manufacturing corporation. Zone resident companies are offered favourable customs and tax regimes.

General characteristics Expo-Business-Chisinau

The Expo-Business-Chisinau FTZ was established in 1995 with a validity term until 2025 (the term will be extended until 2035). It is located in close proximity to Chisinau International Airport, which makes the zone even more attractive for the registration of an international logistics company in Moldova.

The Chisinau FTZ offers potential investors the opportunity to open a business in Moldova on its premises by leasing out land, office premises, warehouses, open warehouses, etc. to investors. In addition, the zone offers related services ranging from logistics to various support and administrative services.

Advantages of registering a business in the Chisinau FTZ of Moldova

Companies operating under the FCA regime in Moldova receive five types of benefits:

  • Protection against changes in legislative initiatives or amendments to legislation. Guarantee of absence of legislative changes for up to 10 years from the moment of registration as a resident of Moldova.
  • Special tax and traditions methodologies, encompassing unrestricted migration of commodities and amenities within the zones.
  • Exemption from frequent inspections by state control authorities through administrators who act as intermediaries.
  • Possibility to transfer profits outside Moldova.
  • Simplified procedures for obtaining work permits for foreign workers of zone residents.

Business registration in "Expo-Business-Chisinau" in Moldova

Expo Business Chisinau is the very first and most strategically located FTA. It attracts foreign investments in the Moldovan technology sector. There are 52 registered residents in this FTA and authorised capital from 11 countries. The largest residents are Fujikura Automotive MLD, Lion-Gri, Djofra-M. Each type of activity in the zone is subject to a separate permit with a limited validity period issued by the Administration.

You can start a business in the Chisinau FTZ in Moldova in the following areas:

  • construction;
  • industrial production based on harmless technologies;
  • agriculture, horticulture;
  • transport services, communications;
  • wholesale and retail trade;
  • hotel services and catering;
  • financial intermediation;
  • real estate transactions, leasing and commercial activities;
  • communal, social and personal services.

How to become a resident of Expo-Business-Chisinau?

Any natural or legal person of the Republic of Moldova, any other country, registered in Moldova to conduct economic activity, lease out part of the territory or objects of free zones (mandatory registration with the Administration of "Chisinau") can be a resident of the "Chisinau" FTZ. To register in "Expo-Business-Chisinau", it is necessary to:

  • complete the investor questionnaire;
  • to conclude and sign a resident agreement and a lease agreement;
  • obtain a resident licence of "Expo-Business-Chisinau" in Moldova;
  • start construction/operation.

If you are planning to start a business in Moldova, contact the specialists and get advice on company registration in Expo-Business-Chisinau FTZ.

You can find out more details from YB Case employees by requesting a consultation at the contacts listed on the website or by filling out a special form.

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