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Company registration in Bern


Company registration in Bern

Starting a business in Bern is a unique combination of history and modern dynamics. The region offers entrepreneurs a favourable climate for implementing ideas thanks to its well-developed infrastructure, strategic geographical location and high quality of life. The city actively supports start-ups and innovative projects by providing financial incentives and advisory assistance.

The business registration process in Bern is quite transparent and well-organised. Getting involved in this process requires an entrepreneur to determine the company's legal form, register a tax number and complete other necessary formalities. The authorities are making efforts to simplify the process and help entrepreneurs avoid unnecessary difficulties. We will look at the specifics of registration and the main conditions so you do not face any problems.

Advantages of setting up a company in Bern

We have identified several key advantages for entrepreneurs:

  • Reasonable taxation regime: The local tax system facilitates efficient management of business finances, ensuring stability and transparency.
  • Talented workforce: The availability of highly qualified professionals and university graduates helps to attract and develop talented staff.
  • Infrastructure for innovation: A large number of innovation spaces, coworking spaces and research centres contribute to creating a favourable environment for the development of new ideas.
  • Cultural diversity: The diversity of nationalities and cultures in Bern creates a harmonious environment for global cooperation and the development of international business relations.
  • Environmental awareness: The city is committed to sustainable development, providing entrepreneurs with an opportunity to focus their efforts on creating environmentally friendly and sustainable products or services.
  • Industrial potential: The presence of industrial enterprises and partnerships allows entrepreneurs to cooperate effectively and develop their manufacturing business.

Available forms of business

Most often, entrepreneurs choose from three forms, which we will discuss in detail below. The choice depends on the desired level of responsibility, budget, number of participants and taxes. Consider all these aspects before company registration in Bern.

Limited Liability Company (Gmbh)

The legal form "Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung" provides limited liability for the company's shareholders for its obligations. The minimum capital in this case varies from CHF 20,000 to CHF 100,000. In addition, you must have at least one director, who can be a Swiss or foreign national. If your business requires special licences or permits, ensure that you obtain them. Also, establish a registered address that will be used for official communication.

Public limited liability company (AG)

A public company requires a higher minimum capital of CHF 100,000. The shareholders and the number of shares they hold must also be identified. This determines the responsibilities and duties of each shareholder.

If an AG company intends to issue shares on the stock market, it is important to research the process in detail and comply with the relevant regulations. The process of setting up a public company may take more time and resources than other forms of business, but it offers great opportunities to raise capital and grow in the market. We recommend that you consult with specialists before registering.

Branch office

Establishing a subsidiary in Bern is one of the possible strategies for expanding into a new market. A branch is a separate part of a parent company that operates in another country. Its activities may be aimed at performing the same or similar operations as the parent company. The main difference is that a branch does not have the status of a legal entity.

The following documents are usually required to set up a branch in Bern:

  1. Registration documents of the parent company: Certified copies of the articles of association, certificate of incorporation, constituent documents, etc.
  2. Statute of the branch: A separate document that defines the structure and functions of the branch, as well as its powers.
  3. Powers of attorney: Documents confirming the powers of the proxies who will represent the company in relations with the parties.
  4. Ownership documents: Information about the shareholders (owners) of the parent company.
  5. Tax registration: Application to the tax authorities to obtain a tax number.

Taxation system

The main taxes for companies in Bern include corporate income tax and value-added tax (VAT). The tax rate may vary depending on the amount of profit and other factors. Value-added tax is levied on final consumers of goods and services and its rate depends on the type of goods and services.

In addition, companies may face other mandatory payments, such as social security contributions for employees. For an accurate understanding of the structure and calculation of taxes in specific cases, it is recommended to consult specialised legal or tax advisors.

How to open a company in Bern?

Starting a company in Bern includes several key steps:

  1. Choosing a legal form: Determine what form of business you want to set up according to your needs and capabilities.
  2. Company name registration: Choose a name that does not infringe on the rights of other businesses and complies with legal requirements.
  3. Articles of association and documents: Develop a company charter that defines the company's structure, objectives and activities.
  4. Registration: Register the company with the local trade register (Handelsregister).
  5. Tax registration: Register the company with the tax authorities and obtain a tax number for further reporting.
  6. Opening a bank account: Apply to a local institution for the company's financial transactions.
  7. Permits and licences: If your activities are subject to mandatory licences or permits, ensure that you obtain them before you start.
  8. Employment of employees: Register your staff and ensure that social and labour standards are met.

Each of these stages may require thorough research, preparation and consultation with legal and business advisors to ensure a successful company registration in Bern. Contact YB Case to get all the advice you need.

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