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Registering a company in Dubai Outsource City (DOC) Free Zone

Dubai Outsource City (DOC) Free Zone

Dubai Outsource City (DOC) was launched to support outsourcing of business processes, IT outsourcing, back office operations, call center activities in Dubai. This FZ contributes to the development of specialized infrastructure with many office facilities, reliable communication and a 24-hour security system.

Outsource City strives to take the forefront in higher education for the development of UAE and the business community of this region. Also, this Free Zone provides a comprehensive infrastructure and many opportunities for entrepreneurs, who want to open an outsourcing business in UAE.

DOC is characterized by the development of various segments: Internet resources, a technical support, a media software, amarketing, telecommunications, others. The geolocation of Outsource City opens up prospects for meeting the needs of Europe, USA, Asia and Africa.

Starting an entrepreneurship in DOC for entrepreneurs offers the following benefits:

  • full exemption from tax fees;
  • the ability to form networks;
  • a modern infrastructure;
  • 100% renewal of stock capital;
  • a progressive development of new generation technologies;
  • dynamically developing international contacts;
  • many prospects for the development of communication channels;
  • no currency quotas;

You can register a company in DOC in the following legal forms:

1. FZ-LLC. This form of ownership is an independent legal entity. The shareholders of such organization may be individuals or corporations. The minimum initial capital depends on the business.

2. You can register a subsidiary of a foreign organization in UAE. The affiliate acts as a legally dependent unit from the parent company. To set up a subsidiary in the DOC, a minimum initial capital is optional.

Where you can start a business in DOC?

Enterprises operate in accordance with the rules, that apply to both LLC firms and affiliates in this FZ. To start an entrepreneurial activity in Outsource City, you need to obtain a Dubai business license. This Free Zone provides commercial licenses, service licenses and trade licenses.

To get a license in Dubai, you must file an application with the appropriate authorities (DTMFZA) and remember, that to establish a firm in DOC, you must fulfill such conditions:

  • Minimum seed capital must be at least 73,600 euros.
  • To register a company in DOC, you must have at least 1 stockholder (individual - or legal entity) and director.
  • You must also prepare a package of necessary documents. After completing all the formalities, you will obtain a Dubai license and a certificate of registration.

The process of establishing an entrepreneurship in Dubai is step by step:

  • Apply for registration;
  • Send all necessary legal documents;
  • Sign MOA and AOA;
  • Provide documents on the availability of authorized capital;
  • Make a mandatory payment;
  • Sign a lease in DOC;

Necessary documents:

  • A registration form;
  • Color copies of passports of managers, directors, shareholders;
  • The application for a license in Dubai;
  • A commercial plan;
  • Shareholder profiles;
  • Notarized MOA;
  • Samples of signatures of leaders.;
  • Documents confirming the authorized capital;
  • Certificate of Authority for the GSO;

What are the prospects for a business in DOC?

Business owners, who want to open an outsourcing business in Dubai are focusing their attention on DOC. This FZ is fully outsourced. This is the best place in UAE, where desires and opportunities perfectly match each other. Before you decide to start a business in DOC, pay attention to the list of activities in this area:

  • IT Management;
  • The provision of services to customers;
  • Transactions with transactions;
  • Document and operations management;
  • Hotel and restaurant business;

This FZ is also characterized by numerous global and regional organizations. This feature is another advantage for entrepreneurs, who want to start a business in Outsourcing City.

Final word

If you intend to open a business in the United Arab Emirates, then in this case you may need the support of specialists who can provide assistance in registering the company in Dubai Outsource City FZ.

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