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Registering a company in Dubai TechnoPark Free Zone

Dubai TechnoPark Free Zone

Dubai is a city on the east coast of the Persian Gulf. It is the most prosperous of the seven emirates in the UAE. The policy of the authorities of the city of Dubai is aimed at the progressive development of multinational companies with innovative activities, that are focused on Asian, African markets, as well as on the trading areas of the Eastern Mediterranean. To register a company in Dubai is beneficial for business development and the introduction of new startup projects for both beginners and "old-timers" of entrepreneurship.

There are 22 FZ in Dubai today. One of the most developed areas in the field of science and technology is the Dubai TechnoPark Free Zone. The main goal of this innovation zone is to provide local and foreign investors, who are ready to invest their own funds in modern technologies and infrastructure. If you want to set up a business in UAE, you can ask for advice on registering a company in TechnoPark FZ and assistance in opening a bank account in Dubai.

Dubai TechPark is part of the world's largest holding company World Zone World. Dubai TP is a platform for the development of modern technology. This FZ aims to create a flexible environment for technology companies. The Dubai Technopark, also called the National Industrial Park (NIP), provides housing for 60,000 residents and 133,000 employees in Dubai.

Benefits of the Technopark FZ

This FZ is intended for the development of future technologies. If you interested in registering a company in Dubai TechnoPark, then you can take a look at the main advantages of this jurisdiction:

  • 100% foreign ownership of industrial facilities;
  • 100% corporate tax rate;
  • A renewal of funds;
  • No currency fees;
  • There are no restrictions on hiring foreign workers;
  • A lease can be concluded for 15 years or more;
  • The authorities of this FZe are helping to obtain licenses in Dubai;
  • Obtaining visas in the FZ of the Technopark is affordable and easy;

The zone is located near the Jebel Ali Airport (an advantage over convenient air traffic);

You can establish a branch in the Dubai Technopark of these types:

  • Fze;
  • Fzco;
  • Foreign company;
  • Ltd;
  • Sole institution GCC affiliate (parent company must have 100% GCC)

The following types of licenses can be obtained at the Dubai Technopark

  1. Industrial allows any type of production of technological products;
  2. Professional is aimed at the implementation of any type of professional technological activity;
  3. Trading covers such activities as storage, import/export or distribution of technological elements specified in the license/

Final word

Dubai TechnoPark FZ was created not only for the formation of technology, but also for the development of the economy. This area also participates in the Dubai Expo.

If you decide to start activities in the UAE, then you may need the services of specialists who can provide assistance in registering a company in Dubai TechnoPark Free Zone, as well as advise on other related issues.

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