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Registering a company in Economic Zones World (EZW) Free Zone

Economic Zones World (EZW) Free Zone

United Arab Emirates (UAE) seeks to establish itself as a global industrial center. This platform is to attract entrepreneurs from all over the world, who will invest in various business sectors. Economic Zones World (EZW) is a mondial designer, whose main goal is to form a reliable mechanism, highway networks. The activities of EZW are aimed at the formation of strong trunk networks in various sectors of the economy. Simplicity and ease of transport, actively developing communities, also captivate. EZW is owned by Dubai World Group. The initial assignment of EZW expanded Dubai to the level of a global business platform, attract more investors, and cover more economically promising territories.

To establish commercial organizations in EZW

EZW's has gained worldwide recognition for its many factors and components, including its constituent elements Jebel Ali FZ (JAFZA), Technopark (a scientific production area), Automotive FZ.

To register commercial enterprises in EZW is beneficial in terms of:

  • 100% tax cancellation;
  • 100% right to own real estate;
  • 100% repatriation of funds;
  • min cash costs for renewal;
  • abilities to open a bank account in EZW on favorable terms;
  • ownership of real estate;

Forms of incorporation of companies:

  • FZCO - 2 shares;
  • FZE - an individual or legal entity as the creator;
  • A local subsidiary;
  • A foreign subsidiary;

Obtaining licenses in EZW:

  • A general: for products requiring special permits;
  • A commercial: for transportation of products;
  • An industrial: for manufacturing, processing, packaging firms;
  • A service: firms engaged in counseling, medical services, accounting, etc.

For what purposes it is cost-effective to establish commercial firms in EZW?

EZW and their subsidiaries are striving to bring their economic zones to a new level, introduce new technologies, increase the level of logic, increase the number of technology parks.

EZW has been issued ISO certificate. A certificate demonstrates a zeal of EZW to plan, implement, monitor, verify, maintain, improve security systems, develop emergency management, recovery programs.

If you want to do business in the UAE, then you may need expert assistance in registering a firm in the Economic Zones World Free Zone.

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