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Registering a company in Energy and Environment Park (Enpark) Freezone

Energy and Environment Park (Enpark) Freezone

In 2006, the Dubai Energy and Ecological Park (ENPARK) was organized. This is a FZ, the main purpose of which is the development of environmental technologies. All buildings and technologies at ENPARK are environmentally friendly.

To establish a company in Enpark is beneficial and promising, since the Environment Park has commercial and residential facilities, scientific offices, educational and entertainment facilities. Educational institutions, network relationships are at a high level of development on the territory of park, and the park also offers partnerships for success.

In the park there are manufacturing companies, whose systems are characterized by environmentally friendly production lines, residential and shopping platforms (shops, restaurants and entertainment centers, etc.).

If you want to register a company in Dubai, you can choose Dubai Environment Park. This area is attractive for its many outdoor regions, business centers and ecologically clean houses, separate villas, rooms, that are designed for different incomes. To learn more, you can ask for advice on registering a business in Dubai Energy and Environment Park FZ.

Benefits for you? if you decide to register a company in Enpark FZ:

  • No taxes;
  • A foreign property;
  • A repatriation of funds;
  • Personal income tax is not taxed;
  • Tax benefits;

There are many leasing options in this Free Zone (from small serviced offices to large commercial warehouses and laboratories).

If you want to set up a firm in Energy and Environment Park, you should pay attention to the main activities of this park:

  • A revolving energy;
  • An energy production;
  • A green economy;
  • A water supply;
  • A waste recycling;
  • An atmosphere protection;
  • An organic product hauling;
  • An energy transfer;
  • A production of energy-saving equipment

Documents required to organize a business in ENPARK

  • A request;
  • A company presentation (if available);
  • A financial report for the last 6 months or a bank statement;
  • A xerox version of the passport and the resume of the manager;
  • A xerox version of the passport and the resume of shareholders;
  • The original recommendation note from the bank (for each stockholder);
  • Required permissions (not for all areas, mainly for such as media, IT, pharmaceuticals);
  • A business plan;
  • A legal agent (mediator);

What other documents do I need to provide in order to register a branch in ENPARK Free Zone ?

  • A notarized charter of the firm (certified at the UAE Embassy at the place of origin);
  • A notarized decision of the board of directors on the creation of a new company abroad (by the UAE Embassy);
  • A registration certificate;
  • A notarized license in the UAE Embassy;

The process of registering a company and obtaining licenses in ENPARK is quick and convenient. ENPARK hosts seminars and trainings on the activities of this economic zone.

Those willing to open their business in the UAE may need the support of specialists who will assist in registering a company in Dubai Energy & Environment Park Free Zone.

Details you can find out from YB Case employees by calling the numbers indicated on the website or by filling out a special form.

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