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Registering a company in International Humanitarian City

International Humanitarian City

International Humanitarian City (IHC) was established in 2003 as uncommercial, independent body of FZ, whose activities are available to humanitarian organizations around the world, which are authorized to provide a humanitarian assistance. IHC is component of 28 firms, that together comprise the powerful development fund in Middle East.

If you want to establish a company in the UAE, then you may need the services of specialists who will assist in registering a business in International Humanitarian City.

IHC draws on Dubai’s experience in transport, logistics, and innovation, which allows specialized organizations to help the victims of the global crisis.

Predominant parties, that are available to those, who have decided to establish a non-profit organization in International Humanitarian City:

  • a foreign investor may an own property in full;
  • full renewal of funds;
  • a free money transfer;
  • no import/export duties;
  • a large selection of office, conference rooms, classrooms, cafeterias;

IHC provides charitable organizations, donors, volunteers, governments and those, who seek to save lives, a common ground for cooperation. To start business in IHC FZ is a simple process.

Registering of companies in Humanitarian City looks like this:

Check, if you are eligible to apply for an IHC license. Permission is issued by the IHC FZ to non-governmental, non-profit organizations, that have registered outside or inside the UAE, or for commercial enterprises according to the “Rules of international commercial companies for humanitarian cities”.

Submit the application and documents in accordance with the agreed list.

To open an enterprise in Humanitarian City, enter into an agreement with the tenant. Please note, that subleasing and sharing of any property is not allowed.

You need to register a trade name in IHC, which will not coincide with the previously registered, will not contain “Dubai”, “Emirates”, “UAE”,”Municipal”,”Charter”.

To appoint a manager, who will represent the company within the framework of the authority granted to him at the local and international levels.

Please note, that the humanitarian organization and the commercial organization (branch of a commercial company) retain the citizenship of their existing headquarters.

You need to register a physical address of your organization, to receive notifications and letters.

For what purposes should I set up a company in IHC?

IHC FZ develops such business lines:

  • a humanitarian aid;
  • an environmental, a natural resources;
  • the agriculture;
  • a logistics;
  • the auditing;
  • the accounting;
  • an event planning;
  • a commercial real estate;
  • a passion;
  • a courier service;
  • a car rental;
  • the pharmacy items;
  • a commercial banks;
  • a brokerage services;
  • an auto parts trade;
  • a fleet management;

IHC is currently the largest world logistics center for humanitarian aid. It consists of about 9 UN agencies and 65 charitable organizations and commercial objects.

If you want to create a business in Dubai or, in particular, in this free zone, you may need the help of experienced professionals who will provide assistance in registering the company in International Humanitarian City.

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