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Registering a company in Jebel Ali Free Zone

JAFZA Free Zone company

Jabel Ali FZ, also referred to as JAFZA, was created by the Dubai authorities in 1985. Jabel Ali FZ has many attractive business advantages for start-up entrepreneurs and investors, who want to start business in the UAE. Jafza is an economic zone, where only 19 companies initially worked. Currently, 7.100 companies work here.

The strategic location of this zone made it possible to develop a high-class infrastructure and to expand capabilities of the Dubai business sector. To register a company in Jafza is a good choice, since this Free Zone has turned into a dynamic trading system over 34 years of its existence. Jafza FZ is a company founded by individuals and legal entities.

Jabel Free Zone benefits:

  • 100% share of a foreign company;
  • A tax-free environment;
  • A high degree of asset protection;
  • Low operational costs;
  • The presence of a local director or founder is not a prerequisite;
  • There are no prohibitions on the transfer of assets and securities;
  • You can register a company in Jabel quick and easy;
  • It is possible to set up a branch in Jafza FZ;

Jabel Ali FZ requirements

Rules for Jafza FZ:

  • If you want to set up an enterprise in Jabel, you must have at least 1 (one) founder.
  • The founder and director of the company can be one person. The number of directors must be at least 2 (two) people.
  • There is no public access to director information.
  • The personnel policy of companies implies the presence of 1 (one) secretary. The secretary and director can be one person.
  • Shelf life of accounting reports is 10 years. After the expiration of this line, the accounting records should be updated.
  • The minimum amount of a capital is 100,000 dirhams (24,076 euros), there is no mandatory requirement for an actual deposit to a bank account.

It will take up to 2 weeks to set up a company in Jafza FZ. It is imperative to provide all the necessary documents, when you want to register a company in Jabel Ali FZ.

Next steps

To establish a business in Jafza FZ, you need to register your company name. The company name should not contain the names of cities, countries, continents, brands, etc. The company name is registered in accordance with laws established by local authorities.

Indicate the authorized capital, list of shareholders and at least 2 directors, as well as the secretary. There is no need to have a local representative in the structure.

Provide the necessary documents to the relevant authorities. The package of documents should contain: a certified copy of a foreign passport, a registered physical address, a letter of recommendation from the bank and a resume.

List of required documents to register a company in Jafza Free Zone

For individuals:

  • CV (CV);
  • A statement of an account;
  • A certified copy of passport;
  • A proof of residence (a copy of utility bill in English);
  • A seal of entry to the UAE; in the absence of printing, a personal visit will be required.

For legal entities:

  • A Certificate of incorporation;
  • A Charter;
  • A Certificate of wealth;
  • The Board of Directors must give permission to set up a company in Jafza with a power of attorney for a third party and with the right to sign.
  • Copies of the passports of the founders. A personal visit is required.

All document must be notarized and legalized by the UAE consulate.

A procedure

If you have a desire to start an entrepreneurial activity in Dubai, you need to submit an application and a package of documents. The entire package of documents will be checked and confirmed. After confirming the authenticity of the documents, it is necessary to register the name of the company.

Next, you need to sign and confirm the charter of the company, to pay rent, to pay license fees, to pay a data processing fee, to sign all documents.

After you have completed the registration procedure, you will be given: a certificate of a registration, a copy of the license, an extract from the registry, the company's charter, a letter of guarantee for the bank (to open a bank account in Dubai).

You will also need to activate access to the Dubai Trade online portal.

To get Jafza licenses

Having decided on the legal form of the company, you will need to obtain a license in Jabel Ali for the activities of your company.

Types of Licenses

  • Trading;
  • Manufacturing;
  • A service license;

An e-commerce license implies the purchase/sale of goods/services through electronic networks, using any electronic means.

A national industrial license applies to manufacturing activities, 51% of the property is owned by a citizen (s) of an AGCC country.

An innovative license aims to develop new products/services.

To set up a company in Free Economic Zone

The most common type of company is LLC. The company's liabilities are limited to its assets.

Personal funds of shareholders are limited and protected by the amount invested in the company.

The number of FZCo investors is from 2 to 50.

Documents required to register a company in Jafza:

  • A completed application;
  • The original and a copy of the passport of the appointed manager;
  • The original and a copy of the passport of all individual investors;
  • A brief description of the project;
  • Additional documents required for shareholders FZCO;
  • A business resume for each shareholder;
  • A positive decision to register a company from the Board of Directors;
  • A sample signature of the head;

Additional documents required for non-FZCO shareholders

  • A Sample Leader Signature Certified by Jafza;
  • A registration Certificate;
  • The Memorandum of Association;
  • A charter.

To register a company outside the UAE, paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 must be carefully checked and certified at the Embassy of the Emirates in the country of registration.

Applicable Fees

One-time registration fee is AED 15,000/

A Memorandum of Association (minimum 3 copies) is 200 AED each.

A Signature Authentication Certificate is 50 AED per person.

A confirmation of the decision of the Council is 200 AED.

Final word

If you intend to open a company in the United Arab Emirates, it would be advisable to seek the help of specialists and ask for preliminary advice on registering a business in the Jafza Free Zone.

You can find out more detailed information from YB Case employees by filling out the feedback form.

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